Need Tube Feeding Help?

Tubie Friends is committed to helping medically involved children feel more comfortable with their medical interventions. However support for the parents/caregivers if very important too.  You likely have more questions than answers and might be feeling a wide range of emotions. You don't have to be alone in this journey with your child. There are parents who have been where you are now, are experienced at tube feeding, and would love to support you through this process. There are online and local support groups that are there for you to talk to or simply to vent frustrations. See the list below for some places where you can find support.

Parent-2-Parent is an online parent support group for kids with a variety of medical conditions or special needs.

Complex Child Magazine is a free online magazine written by parents for parents about various medical topics effecting our children. There are many tube feeding articles in the archives as well.

The Oley Foundation provides support for people requiring enteral feeds as well as a page dedicated to exchanging medical supplies.

Feeding Tube Awareness: They are on Facebook and also have their own website as well:

Kimberly Clark not only is the largest manufacturer of tube feeding products, but also maintains sites to help caregivers and others with tube feeding.  Their main site includes discussion forums to share and learn about feeding tube information.  They are on Facebook and also have a you tube site site where people can share videos about tube feeding.

And, of course, Tubie Friends on Facebook. We'd love to see pictures of your kiddo with his/her new Tubie Friend. You can also contact us at